Mecum is putting the first Mustang Hardtop on sale

An inline-six-powered piece of American history.
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With over nine million Mustangs sold since the started leaving the production line in 1965, the car has long been an automotive icon and important figure in American culture. This May, Mecum Auctions will be selling the first-ever hardtop Mustang and only a few of the 1965 pre-production cars still exist. 

This example is the first hardtop to receive a VIN (Serial no. 00002) as the legendary convertible was the first serialized '65, which is owned by Ford. The car is painted in Caspian blue and features a period correct inline-six, 3-speed manual transmission, and 13" wheels. 

The Mustang will go on sale at Mecum's Indy auction this May. 

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