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McLaren Senna

For its new Ultimate Series model, McLaren is tipping its hat to one of the fastest and most celebrated drivers to get behind the wheel, Ayrton Senna. McLaren calls the Senna the most extreme road car yet with its 4.0L, 789-hp twin-turbo V8 that makes it their most powerful gas-powered engine ever. 

The driver-focused supercar will feature an ultra-lightweight construction with a Monocage III carbon fiber chassis, carbon fiber body panels, and every other component was also given a closer look to ensure everything was as light as possible. This all contributes to a weight of just 2,641 lbs, which is the lightest McLaren since the F1. 

You've also got a mid-engine setup with rear-wheel-drive, next-gen front and rear active aerodynamics, carbon fiber doors with two-piece side glass windows, RaceActive Chassis Control II hydraulic suspension, a roof-mounted 'snorkel' intake, and their most advanced braking system to date. 

The Senna will be handbuilt in England and is limited to just 500 units, which are set to deliver in the third quarter of 2018.

£750,000 (approx. $1+ million),

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