McLaren brings a duo of rare Hypercars to the Goodwood Festival of Speed

McLaren breaks out some true showstoppers.
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Photos: McLaren

Photos: McLaren

Goodwood attendees are in for a big treat over at the McLaren display. The British supercar company has brought two very special cars to the festival: a P1 wrapped in an exterior that's inspired by the helmet livery of racing driver, Alain Proust and one incredibly rare automotive treasure, a F1 GT. 


Designed by McLaren Special Operations, the Ultimate Series P1 is sure to be a showstopper with its carbon fiber bodywork that is color matched to the patriotic red, white, and blue that adorned Proust's F1 helmet. 

Alongside the P1 is one of three F1 GTs to exist on the planet and is one of the rarest McLarens ever built. Created to homologate the F1 GTR Longtail, the GT features a monochromatic look and a design that still looks futuristic to this day. 

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