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McLaren Special Operations pays tribute to the company's founder for their latest one-off

A high-performance tribute to the one and only, Bruce McLaren.
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McLaren One-off 720s Dubai

I think we can all agree that Bruce McLaren would be incredibly proud of how far the company has come since 1985 and today McLaren's Special Operations team pays tribute to its namesake with a bespoke creation. The custom 720s features Zenith Black paint with a satin finish, gold-colored alloy wheels, gold interior components, and a 24-carat gold engine heatshield. 

An additional 120 hours were needed to create the car with the rear wing alone needing 30 hours to complete. Written on the rear wing is a quote from Bruce Mclaren: 'Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone’, which is written in gold arabic letters that are stylized to mimic the Dubai skyline. The car also features carbon fiber exterior and interior upgrades, and a black Alcantara interior with black leather trim and gold accents.

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