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Mazda is officially restoring the original Miata

The company is launching a restoration service for the first-generation Japan.
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1989 Mazda Miata

28 years later, the Mazda Miata has continued its run as the most iconic car from the Japanese automaker and now the company is looking back to show some much-needed support to the first generation model. Mazda Japan has announced that it will be taking first-generation models into a dedicated Mazda facility where cars will be carefully examined and brought back to their original glory. 

They've also announced a new parts program that will be selling new versions of the Bridgestone SF325 tires, the NARDI wooden steering wheel, shift knob, and soft top. Sales of those items will begin in 2018 and Mazda's restoration services for the first-generation Miata will remain exclusive to Japan for the time being.

Source: Autoblog

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