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Gran Turismo Mazda RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT

Mazda has been getting a lot of attention for its car designs in the past few years and one of their most talked about is the jaw-dropping RX Vision. It's unknown whether or not the company will ever build such a car but for now we can all have access to its racing counterpart in Gran Turismo. Called the RX-Vision GT3 Concept, the sleek, rotary engine-powered coupe has been fully updated to a GT3 Class racer, putting out 569 hp. Mazda has been announced a selected manufacturer in the game's World Tour 2020 live events as well as the World Finals. 

Drivers will be able to get behind the seat of the RX-Vision GT3 Concept in the upcoming update to Gran Turismo Sport that will arrive on May 25th.

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