Lincoln will have some serious audio horsepower to compete with the likes of the big boys from Germany in 2015
Photos: Lincoln

Photos: Lincoln

If sound is the biggest priority for you when purchasing a car, Lincoln might have just made their way to the top of your list with their new collaboration with audiophile-favorite Revel Audio, the crown jewel of the Harman audio portfolio. Taking their experience from building their critically-acclaimed home speaker units, Revel has tailored that sound to the cabin of Lincoln automobiles to give you the best sound possible.

They've done this buy emulating how Revel speakers operate in the home. One of those techniques is called point source architecture that places midranges and tweeters in specific areas and is specially customized to every Lincoln model to attain accurate midrange and high-frequency reproduction. There's also Revel Waveguides that allow for realistic sound, a Hybrid Amplifier for big and distortion-free sound at higher volumes, and Cabin Correction that makes certain that every passenger enjoys the best listening experience no matter where they're sitting. Revel audio products will first launch in the next generation MKX which debuts next year. 


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