Lincoln Black Label

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Its been a bit of a bumpy road for Lincoln as the legendary marque has been trying to find its rhythm and finally re-solidify itself as a major player in the luxury car market. The company took to Pebble Beach to unveil its first step in a multi-year plan that includes the unveiling of new models and at the core of this plan is Black Label. When we're talking about luxury cars the inside is as important, if not the most important element in the formula. Set to be available in every Lincoln model moving forward, Black Label brings a higher level of personalization than any of its competition in the class with premium materials, construction, and limited edition design themes.

Black Label is broken up into three themes: Center Stage (shown here), Indulgence, and Modern Heritage. Each "theme" utilizes select stitched Venetian leathers, natural Ziricote Woods (a wood typically found in yachts), and Alcantara Suede, all of which can be applied throughout the interior and can be built in an atelier-like process via Lincoln dealers or online at Look for Black Label to hit showrooms at the end of 2014.






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