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When you think of grand tourers, you might immediately think of Aston Martin's DB series, the Continental GT, or even the Mercedes S-Class Coupe. Lexus isn't a brand that you would normally include in that conversation, but that all changed when they proposed their new LF-LC Concept in 2012.

It had been one of the most stunning concepts to have ever come out of the company and five years later we now have the Lexus LC500, a design that stays true to the overall concept and it even improves on the design in a handful of ways. 


Powered by a naturally-aspirated 5.0L V8 that produces 417-hp, the LC can get from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and is matched with a 10-speed automatic direct-shift transmission. It also comes in a hybrid model with a 3.5L V6 that can do 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and can still manage a very impressive 35 mpg.

As much as we loved the loud rumble of the V8 when we put it through its paces, it was the overall styling and comfort that sold us. The lines are long and sleek with sharp contours and a massive grille that takes their current design language and translates it into a more refined form that balances aggressive elements with a more sophisticated profile.


One of the best details are the lighting elements on the front and rear of the car. At the rear, the sharp taillight housings have brake lights that seem to go into infinity and at the front, a sharp daytime running light flows from the large spindle grille right into the headlight housing. 


The interior is one of the most luxurious cabins you've ever seen in a Lexus. There is leather and aluminum everywhere, from the buttons to the sculpted door handles and the alcantara door panels that add a bit of dramatic flair. They've even crafted the paddles out of magnesium with a specially engineered "click" for the best feedback possible as you shift through the gears. 

Ride comfort is everything you would imagine a Lexus to be. It's comfortable, luxurious, and quiet and even when you mash the pedal, the car is planted and poised while it gracefully approaches higher speeds. The balance between performance car and luxury touring car is seamless, you get a plush daily driver with the brutality and noise of a high performance V8 when you need it.

So the question is: Should you buy a $100,000 Lexus over a comparable European model at twice the price? Yes, 100% yes. The LC500 has something truly special that can be attained for much less than a DB11 and while it might not have the brand exclusivity or a big V12, the attention to detail and the overall experience you get in the Lexus is an incredible value proposition that simply cannot be ignored. 

From $92,000, 

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