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Lexus previews a flagship luxury crossover with their LF-1 Limitless concept

A fresh new design language for their upcoming SUVs.
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Lexus might be planning a much more luxurious future for its SUV line and the company has offered a sneak peek into those ideas with the LF-1 Limitless concept. The design takes after the RX line of crossovers, but softens those hard creases into shapely curves and contours to give it a more fluid look. The concept also previews a higher-end option in their crossover lineup with an overall length that is much longer than a Porsche Cayenne and is closer in size to a Range Rover. 

Though the body is much more streamlined, the signature spindle grille gets a massive update and creates one of their most eye-catching front ends to ever come out of their design studios. Inside, an ultra-modern interior greets you with a luxurious and comfortable cabin that is fitted with metallic accents, Cocoa Bean leather trim, and Chiffon White perforated leather seating.

Of course, technology plays a huge role in the concept with a cockpit that focuses on motion-activated controls to create a cleaner, more minimalist interior. An LF-1 Chaffeur mode is also available for autonomous driving and when the driver takes control of the steering wheel, a four-dimensional navigation system becomes your concierge to make sure you get to your destination on time and will make suggestions such as recommend fuel stops, rest breaks, and it can even make hotel reservations.

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