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Lexus LFZ Concept

Today Lexus unveiled the "LF-Z Electrified", a new concept that showcases what the brand hopes to bring to fruition by 2025. The concept previews a radical new design direction for the company with an all-electric model that will feature a new four-wheel driving force control technology that they call "DIRECT4." This technology can be adapted to a front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, or all-wheel-drive system depending on your driving situation. 

The interior of the car was designed to create a more natural connection to the driver by ensuring that elements such as the head-up display or operating the car's various functions can be done without compromising the focus on driving. The minimalist cabin is clean and spacious with details like a panoramic roof that uses long plates of electrochromic glass to help emphasize openness. 

Of course, the LF-Z is filled with technology such as AI that learns driver preferences and behaviors to do things like suggest routes are act as a personal concierge. You'll also find a digital key system that lets you share access to the vehicle to any trusted user with a smartphone and next-generation sound management that enhances audio quality while also creating a quieter interior through active noise cancellation.

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