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Land Rover is restoring one of its first cars for its 70th Anniversary

This original launch vehicle was missing for 63 years.
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Land Rover has come into the ownership of one of the most important cars in their history: the original pre-production launch vehicle from the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show. Missing for 63 years, the car was recently discovered in a garden just outside of Solihull and is considered to be the most historically significant unrestored Land Rover on the planet. The discovery also comes at a milestone year for the company as Land Rover is celebrating its 70th Anniversary. 

The car will undergo an extensive restoration that will be spearheaded by the same crew behind the Land Rover Series I Reborn program. The year-long restoration will be a thorough one with plans to get the car back in working condition and revive model-specific features such as thicker aluminum alloy body panels, a galvanized chassis, and a removable rear tub while the patina of the car's components will be preserved.

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