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Lamborghini Urus

Love it or hate it, the Lamborghini Urus set a sales record for the brand in 2019 and this year the company hopes to take those sales even further with the Pearl Capsule. This new edition is the first exclusive customization option for the Urus, featuring a two-tone exterior finished in high-gloss four-layer pearl finishes of Giallo Inti, Arancio Borealis (above), and Verde Mantis. This is combined with high gloss black accents on the roof, rear diffuser, and spoiler lip. Additional features include matte grey tailpipes, 23-inch high-gloss black wheels with body color accents, a two-tone interior with hexagon-patterned upholstery, and carbon fiber and black anodized interior trim. 

From $218,009,

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