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Lamborghini Reventon

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Looking like something that came straight out of Skunk Works, the Lamborghini Reventon is as awe inspiring as a stealth fighter and probably just as fun to pilot. The car is powered by a the same V12 engine found in the LP640 which can accelerate the Reventon to a top speed of over 210mph. The fighter jet inspired styling also extends into the cockpit with a TFT display that looks more like a missile targeting system than your conventional speedometer. Only 20 examples of the Reventon will be made and all are already spoken for, so if you can pony up the cash, you better believe that anyone who decides to sell their car will be charging a bit more than the $1,400,000 price tag Lamborghini is charging their customers. More pictures of the Reventon after the jump. [$1,400,000]




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