Ken Okuyama recalls the '70s with his one-off Kode 0

The Ferrari Enzo designer brings the supercar styling of the '70s into 2017.
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One of the most interesting cars at the Quail last week was a new design by Ken Okuyama, who returned this year to display a one-off supercar called the Kode 0, which is a coachbuilt custom based on a Lamborghini Aventador. 

Assembled at the Ken Okuyama Cars factory in Yamagata, Japan, the Kode 0 utilized NC machines to cut and shape the carbon fiber panels. And since it's hiding an Aventador under all that carbon fiber, you can expect the 700-hp V-12 to be more than adequate. 

Other custom details include vertically-mounted, multi-layered LED headlights, mesh-covered venting at the rear, green-painted cooling fans, high-mounted tail lights, and a triangular, quad-exhaust tailpipe design.

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