Karma reveals a new performance variant of the Revero GT

The new GTS can get from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds.
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Karma Revero GT

The Karma Revero GT is getting a nice boost in performance with the introduction of the Revero GTS. The new model will see a nice little upgrade to its 0-60 time, which it can now pull off in 3.9 seconds. The GTS will also come available with Electronic torque vectoring, a limited top-speed of 130 mph, and a driving range of up to 360 miles with 80 of those being reserved the all-electric mode. Power comes from a Twin Power Turbo three-cylinder in-line engine and it will also include features such as a proprietary 7.1-channel 570-watt Soloscape audio system. 

$149,950, karmaautomotive.com

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