Jaguar F-Type

How is Jaguar celebrating 70 years of sports car heritage? By throwing down in the dirt, that's how. The company has built two special convertibles that have been upgraded to rally spec to pay homage to their early '50s 'Nub 120' XK120. Based on the F-TYPE Checkered Flag Limited Edition, the cars feature upgraded brakes, an upgraded suspension, and an upgraded drivetrain with grooved discs and four piston calipers in both the front and rear of the car. 

Jaguar also added hand-built competition dampers to better handle a variety of surfaces and they have spherical bearings to improve precision. Other upgrades include motorsport-spec wheels, gravel-friendly tires. a limited-slip differential, and a hydraulic handbrake for getting drivers through tight corners.  

Currently Jaguar has no plans to release their rally-spec F-TYPEs, but the company does sell the Checkered Flag limited edition that the car is based on.

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