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Photo: Hennessey Performance

Photo: Hennessey Performance

Though we've yet to see what Ford has planed for the next generation Raptor series, John Hennessey is already tooling away at his own take on the high-performance F-150 with the VelociRaptor 600. Based on the 2015 F-150, the rocket of a truck improves upon the previous version with its lightweight aluminum body and the FX4 Supercrew's 5.0L V8. 

Hennessey bumped up the 385-hp to a head spinning 600-hp allowing the VelociRaptor to hit a 0-60 time of under 5 seconds. That's achieved with a Roots-type supercharger that gives the truck 8 psi of boost and a high-flow air induction system, stainless-steel exhaust system, and upgraded fuel injectors. 500 editions of the VelociRaptor will be created and will start at $73,500 which will include the base FX4 Super Crew. More at

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