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Ghurka Navigator Glove Box Kit

The only thing that should be in your glove box.
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Photo: Ghurka 

Photo: Ghurka 

Whether it's an Aston Martin in your driveway or a rare vintage Ferrari, this is exactly what should be in your glovebox. Ghurka's Navigator Glove Box Kit keeps everything nice and tidy for all your documents and essential glove box accessories such as a tire gauge holder, notepad, brass pen, and LED flashlight. 


It's all wrapped in chestnut, calfskin leather, a perfect luxurious complement to any vehicle and it'll keep everything organized in one place just in case you get a little too excited on the road and need to pull out your insurance and registration documents. And who knows, maybe the officer will be impressed with your readiness and let you off with a warning. Ok, that probably won't happen, but its better than having an already frustrated cop watch you rifle through a hot mess of a glovebox.

$1295, available now at Ghurka

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