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Formawerx Land Cruiser

Formawerx has paid tribute to a number of iconic cars with its custom keys and now they're celebrating one of the most famous off-roaders in the world with the Ignition Land Cruiser. Inspired by the "squricle" theme found in early FJ40 models, the key is machined from a Swiss watch-grade stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance while also meeting the same factory specs to work perfectly for your vehicle. 

The key is available in an Owners Edition that features a topography pattern inspired by the off-roader's origins on Mt. Fuji. It was on Mt. Fuji, where a Land Cruiser prototype climbed to the mountain's sixth checkpoint, impressing Japan's National Police Reserve Forces, who were in search of a versatile all-terrain vehicle. The key also is etched with your specific Land Cruiser model in the inner ring of the key and the back of the key can be etched with your model, chassis, and engine spec. 

The key is also available in a standard model without the topography pattern and is compatible with Land Cruiser models from 1969-1990 as well as a variety of other vintage Toyota models. 


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