Hennessey brings more firepower to the Focus RS

One of Ford's wildest creations gets thermonuclear.
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Photo: Hennessey

Photo: Hennessey

The Ford Focus RS is no slouch. 350 hp with a performance tuned all-wheel-drive system is no joke and that's why virtually every automotive writer in the world can't stop gushing over the Blue Oval's five-door masterpiece. So what could possibly happen when Hennessey gets involved? 

A hellfire missile on four wheels, that's what. Say hello to the HPE400, a brutal, unforgiving upgrade of an already incredibly fun hatchback. A recipe that includes an engine management software upgrade, a high-flow air filter and a mid pipe and electronic exhaust dump valve all come together to boost the car up to 405-hp and 425 lb-ft of torque...in a Focus. 


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