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Ferrari's latest one-off is a modern take on the 275

Oh, to be a Ferrari Special Projects customer.
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Photos: Drew Philips 

Photos: Drew Philips 

Owning a Ferrari is an incredible privilege that is enjoyed by a lucky few, but even fewer are the owners who get to enjoy the incredible works from their Special Projects division. Their most recent build looks to be a custom take on the F12 TdF and is called the SP275 RW Competizione, which not only makes for an incredible starting point to base a car on, but also makes for one fast Italian rocket ship. 

Not a whole lot is known about the car at the moment, but you'll quickly notice the extensive body work that has been done, many of which evoke the details of their vintage race cars. It also features a paint color exclusive to this project. No word on the performance numbers or enhancements, but we imagine there's a big V12 in there and a 0-60 time that most likely rearrange your insides as soon as you hit the pedal.

Source: Autoblog

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