RM Sotheby's has the ultimate display piece for the Ferrari fan who has everything

You can't drive it, but it would make for one hell of an art piece.
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There will be plenty of classics to drool over at the Leggenda e Passione auction this coming week, but one car will definitely prove to be a popular item. We're talking about a LaFerrari and not just any LaFerrari. This is a prototype that was used to preview the car to customers and was kept in the company's atelier through 2013 to help client's configure their own LaFerrari purchases. Unfortunately, the car isn't road-ready, but if you've already got a LaFerrari, why not have one you can use and one you can use as the ultimate piece of Italian furniture?

And if you want something you can actually drive, the event will also be selling the 210th Laferrari Aperta.

€1,100,000 - €1,300,000, (approx. $1.3 million to $1.5 million) rmsothebys.com

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