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Novitec Ferrari 812 Superfast

Novitec is tackling Ferrari's flagship GT with a new performance kit for the 812 Superfast. The high-end tuner will be offering a number of accessories that include matte or gloss carbon aerodynamic components such as a front spoiler lip, a Novitec surround for the center air intake, a rear spoiler lip, dual carbon air outlets on the hood, and Novitec rocker panels. 

They've also teamed up with Vossen to create two new forged wheel designs that come in 21" for the front and 22" for the rear. The wheels will be available in a selection of colors and can be ordered with polished or brushed finishes. Other performance options include sport springs that lower the ride height by 35mm and is offered with a front lift system and an upgraded exhaust system that is offered in polished or matte stainless steel or Inconel.

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