Assouline covers one of Ferrari's finest creations, the 275 GTB

The luxury publisher documents the restoration of one of the most beautiful cars of all time.
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Photo: Assouline

Photo: Assouline

Ferrari has built its fair share of iconic automobiles and in the '60s, the company debuted what would quickly become one of the most important and beloved cars to ever wear the prancing horse:

"In 1964, one automobile shook the collective foundations of automotive design and motorsport competition. Ferrari 275 GTB follows the restoration process of this rare gem with in-depth illustrations as the famous car finds new life under craftsmen's expert hands.  Produced only between 1964-1968, the model redefined workmanship and established itself in a class all its own; Enzo Ferrari's persuasion even led to its becoming a legendary sports car. Ferrari 275 GTB is a breathtakingly illustrated tribute to one of the greatest feats of artistry the automotive industry has ever known. "


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