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Deus Pegasus

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Inspired by a customer's race-ready Camaro and CBR1000 Fireblades, Deus came up with one of their most menacing creations to ever hit the asphalt, the Pegasus. Blacked out with blinding orange wheels, the Pegasus is one impressive build based on a hardtail Kawasaki W650.

The bike got a thorough do-over with a set of power coated 17 inch wheels in the rear and 21 inch wheels in the front, bates style headlights sit in front of custom bars and mirrors. The fuel tank is sourced from a Yamaha SR400 and is atop a black satin motor where it sits alongside a custom hard tail section, custom battery box, and an air box eliminator kit. The bike is then finished with custom fenders and seating and a header and muffler system that's ceramic coated in white.


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