Classic Motor Cars reveals its restored, Pininfarina-designed XK120 SE

It took 6,725 hours to restore the car to its original specification.
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In 1954, Pininfarina released one of their most beautiful designs and it wasn't a Ferrari. The car was a Jaguar XK120 SE, an incredible custom-bodied coupe that was first owned by Max Hoffman, an importer of luxury automobiles to America. 

The businessman was a serious car enthusiast, who had influence over the production and refinement of a number of cars from major manufacturers. The XK120 SE was the only one produced by Pininfarina and is one of the rarest Jags out there. 

Many many years later, Classic Motor Cars in the UK purchased the car from a German owner who never got around to restoring the rare coupe. The car received a full restoration that includes a completely new front end, new rear quarter panels, inner arch panels, a new boot floor, and door skins. 

The chassis has also been fully repaired and repainted with remade front and rear bumpers, a comprehensive remaking of the car's chrome work, a remade rear screen and screen surround, an interior re-trim, and of course, a full engine and transmission rebuild.

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