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Chevy's Bolt EV arrives later this year with 238 miles of all-electric range

You might want to cancel that Model 3 order.
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Photo: Chevrolet

Photo: Chevrolet

 With Tesla Model 3 production set for deliveries in late 2017, Chevy is hoping to steal the limelight as the company just revealed its official, EPA-estimated range. So just how far will the Bolt be able to travel? The all-electric car has an estimated range of 238 miles. 

That's a little bit more than the Model 3 and more importantly, the car is set for release before 2016 wraps up in a few months. As for pricing, the Bolt EV is priced similarly to the Model 3 with an MSRP of $37,500 before incentives. Now the question is: wait in line or drive the future now.

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