Callaway introduces a 560-hp performance package for the Yukon Denali

When 420-hp just isn't enough.
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Callaway Yukon Denali

You'll never see this one coming when the SC560 pulls up next to you at a stoplight. Callaway has turned the Yukon Denali into a 560-hp, supercharged sleeper that will surely be capable of keeping up with some of the best out there. The souped-up luxury SUV uses the company's GenThree Supercharger that is normally reserved for their high-performance Corvette upgrades. 

The braking system also gets updated with aluminum calipers with six-piston fronts and four-piston rears and feature patented cooling vanes to channel in more airflow. The new springs lower the ridge height of the SUV by two inches while stiffened up swaybars help reduce body roll. 


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