The upcoming CT6-V is going to be one rare Caddy

Only 275 will be sold in the United States.
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2019 Cadillac CT6-V

If you want one of the fastest Cadillacs out there, you better pick up your phone and call your local dealer. The company plans to release just 275 CT6-Vs in America, all of which are powered by Cadillac's brand new Blackwing V8. That 4.2L twin-turbo V8 will produce 550 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque. Not only that, buying a CT6-V will get you tuition and luxury accommodations for a two day V-Performance Academy at the Spring Mountain Motorsports track in Pahrump, NV. And with their recent announcement to make an aggressive play in the electric car segment, we imagine this will be one hell of a collector's item too.  

Available mid-2019.

From $88,790,

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