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Bugatti customers can now have a 'Flying Doctor' ready to work on the car no matter where they are in the world

Only the best customer service for a two million dollar car.
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Bugatti Telemetry

If you own a Bugatti, your car can have one of the most incredible customer service features in the automotive industry. With an owner's consent, Bugatti will offer a telemetry system, a feature normally found on a Formula 1 or DTM car so that issues with the car can be remotely diagnosed. This system monitors around 10,00 signals from every part of the car to ensure the best possible performance. 

The company will have three 'Flying Doctors,' who will be automatically notified of problems directly to their mobile phone and are ready to quickly answer any customer's questions they have about their car. They are also ready to fly to any Bugatti customer around the world for a personal checkup of their hypercar.

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