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Bugatti reveals the $3.2 million-dollar Chiron Sport

The new model features improved handling and faster cornering speeds.
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Bugatti Chiron Sport

Though it maintains the same overall power and speed numbers, Bugatti aimed to greatly improve the handling and agility of the 1,500-hp hypercar with the new Chiron Sport. The car loses almost 40 lbs and a features an all-new dynamic handling package that features a stiffer suspension and modified steering that can be accessed via the Chiron Sport's 'Handling' mode.

Bugatti has added a Dynamic Torque Vectoring function to improve handling, especially in corners and the company even recorded a lap time that is five seconds faster than the standard Chiron. Much of the car's weight savings can be attributed to the various lightweight elements such as the carbon fiber windscreen wiper, which is an industry first, lightweight rear window glass, and a lighter exhaust deflector. 

The Chiron Sport will be available to customers at the end of 2018.

From $3.2 million,

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