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Owning a Bugatti just got a whole lot more affordable

Just don't take it into traffic.
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Bugatti Baby II

Originally built as a toy for Ettore Bugatti's youngest son, the Bugatti ‘Baby' is coming back and they've made it larger so adults can drive them too. The new Bugatti Baby is a three-quarters-size replica of the Type 35 and each one is hand-built with the help of a digital scan of one of the original cars. It will feature a rear-wheel-drive, battery-powered electric powertrain with removable lithium-ion battery packs, a limited-slip differential, and it also has regenerative braking. It can travel up to 27 mph when 'adult' mode is engaged and it can even be upgraded with a ‘Speed Key’ that gives it more power.  

The new Bugatti Baby will be limited to 500 examples and build slots are available as we speak. 

From€30,000 (approx. $33,738),

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