Brabus turns the S63 Cabriolet into one of the fastest convertibles in the world

217 mph of open air fury.
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Photo: Brabus

Photo: Brabus

Never content with the stock performance numbers at Mercedes Benz, Brabus is at it again with a modified S63 that has a faster top speed than an F12tdf. The company has taken the 6.0L Biturbo and has managed to squeeze out 838 hp and 848 lb-ft of torque, which has been electronically limited from a gargantuan 1,069 lb-ft to maintain the longevity of the powertrain. 

That kind of power will get you a top speed of 217 mph and that's been electronically limited due to tire limitations. 0-62 happens in 3.5 seconds and to keep the car on the ground they've added a number of aerodynamic enhancements including a a front spoiler and a rear carbon trunk lid spoiler. Current S63 owners can submit their car for conversion and full builds are also available.

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