Bollinger Motors previews a four-door version of its highly-anticipated B1

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Bollinger Motors B1 Four Door

Bollinger Motors made a lot of noise with the reveal of all-electric B1 SUV and now the company is stirring up excitement once again with a preview of the a four-door variant. The new model would add nine inches to the chassis making for a total length of 159 inches and a wheelbase of 114 inches. 

The new length maintains the original 15.5 inch ground clearance, the original's approach and departure angles, and a new break-over angle of 31 degrees. That larger interior also adds six cubic feet of cargo space for a total of 101 cubic feet. As for power, the same electric powertrains will be available, which include a 60 kWh (120 mile range in the two door) or 100 kWh (200 mile range in the two door) option.

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