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BMW's new X6 is the first and only car in the world to have a Vantablack VBx2 paint finish

The one-off will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
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BMW X6 Vantablack

Considered to be the world's blackest black, Vantablack isn't just a simple paint finish, it's a coating made out of carbon nanotubes that are each thinner than a human hair. When vertically aligned, it creates a surface that absorbs light instead of reflecting it and turns that light into heat. Its unique attributes make it perfect for withstanding the temperatures of space and is used to coat aluminum and optical components so it can absorb stray light from the sun, which typically makes it more difficult to see faint stars and distant galaxies. 

This special VBx2 paint finish has made its way to the new BMW X6, which will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a one-off show car. The finish is so dark that the car's shape and contours disappear, but it also makes elements like the bold kidney grille and the headlights and taillights much more visible and striking in contrast against the Vantablack finish.

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