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Located just south of Coachella lies one of the most incredible playgrounds for anyone who likes to go fast. We're talking about the Thermal Club. Think of it as a country club, but flipped on its head and designed for those who want to live and breathe motorsport. We're talking race tracks with multi-million dollar villas built alongside them, full-service maintenance facilities for some of the highest-spec cars in the world, and the West Coast home for the BMW Performance Center.


We recently spent some time with BMW to explore their facility where they show students and owners to see exactly why they call their cars the Ultimate Driving Machine. We got a little taste of what guests get to experience and got behind the wheel of two high-performance M cars to get a better feel for their raw performance on the track. 

For our brief crash course, we got some seat time on the autocross track and the race track and as you can imagine, the cars roared and rumbled into the corners with an experience only an M-badged car could deliver. 

While our session was brief, we definitely hungered for more time on the track. For actual guests looking into exploring what the Performance Center has to offer, the facility has everything from One to Two-Day M Schools that teach you how to fully exploit the capabilities of your car and there are advanced classes for those who truly want to push the limits.

If you just want to go fast, there's also a series of Performance Center Experiences ($299 for an M Track Drive) that immediately throw you into the driver's seat with lead/follow sessions on the race track and then a hot lap with a trained pro who will show you how it's really done. 

Classes start at $849,

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