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Bentley previews an all-electric future with the EXP 12 SPEED 6e

The future of the Flying B?
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EXP 12 Speed 6e - Exterior Front 3qtr Scene

Bentley is tapping into the power grid for its Geneva announcement with a look at what the future holds for the storied luxury marque. The EXP 12 SPEED 6e offers an exciting hint at what's to come in the future styling of their automobiles, but it also previews an inevitable all-electric addition to the Bentley lineup. 

The company envisions a car that doesn't compromise on performance and maintains the signature Grand Touring range of its existing gas-powered models. They also foresee the use of high-speed inductive charging and a careful balance of the digital and analog worlds with hand-crafted elements that complement the latest technologies.

As for the immediate future, Bentley has plans to introduce plug-in hybrids to the model range and will launch those efforts with a PHEV Bentayga in 2018.

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