A visit to the Austin Speed Shop - Acquire

A visit to the Austin Speed Shop

We take a stop at one of Texas's most famous car builders.
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Photo: John Pangalinan

Photo: John Pangalinan

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Centered in the heart of Austin, TX and surrounded by a thriving music scene, it’s no wonder that the Austin Speed Shop has a feeling of rock and roll when you step into their facility. Since 2005, they have built an impressive collection of traditional and early 50’s and 60’s customs.  

Austin Speed Shop has a notable clientele base that includes Fender Guitars, Circuit of the Americas, director Robert Rodriguez, Dickies, Franklin’s BBQ and many more. In 2014, they moved into a 8,500-square-foot facility that is part showroom, part retail store, and part dream garage. The no compromise attitude combined with an astute attention to detail ensures that only top-notch Texas quality is served. A one-of-a-kind build does come with a price, as projects start at the $75,000 mark.  

When asked what separates the Austin Speed Shop from others, founder Cory Moore stated, “There are several shops in the U.S. doing good work. What separates us is Tradition & Texas!”

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