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Audi Sport quattro Laserlight Concept

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Next week, Audi will showcase the latest evolution of its well-received Sport quattro project, the Laserlight Concept Car. The name stems from its newest feature: a headlight that features a laser diode which is smaller than an LED diode yet can illuminate a road up to 1,640 feet. Under the hood is a plug-in hybrid drive system that delivers 700 hp while still maintaining a very efficient 94 miles per gallon. Inside, a large, hi-res TFT display backed by an Nvidia Tegra 30 brings you all your information and almost everything in the car can be controlled via Audi's MMI multimedia system. No word on when a production model will see the light of day, though Audi executives have confirmed some form of the Sport quattro will come to fruition in the near future.





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