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Audi grandsphere

Audi is following up its skysphere concept with a sleek four-door autonomous sedan called the grandsphere. The car continues the overall concept's theme of autonomous driving with what they're calling a "private jet for the road." The interior features a spacious, lounge-like cabin that can automatically detect passenger preferences such as climate control settings, seat configurations, and your favorite media and entertainment services. 

A mix of wood, wool, synthetic textiles, metal, and even hornbeam veneers offer a blend of modern luxury and sustainability while the latest technologies await passengers such as VR glasses in the armrests for an immersive infotainment experience. There's also projection surfaces that can be used for viewing content or taking video calls and you have a eye tracking, gesture, and voice control options for navigating through the system. 

The skyphere is built on their 800 volt charging architecture, which can enable the car to reach 186 miles of range in just ten minutes of charging. In less than 25 minutes, the car can get from 5%-80% and when fully charged, the skysphere has a range of about 466 miles. 0-62 happens in a little over four seconds and the top speed has been limited to optimize the car's overall range.

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