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Aston Martin "One of Seven" Vanquish

Aston's Q customization service presents a bespoke collection of carbon fiber Vanquishes.
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Photo: Aston Martin 

Photo: Aston Martin 

Demonstrating the level of customization available from their Q service, Aston Martin has presented its "One of Seven" Vanquishes to seven lucky customers who requested a special version of the British supercar in a finish that is much more than its matte black exterior leads you to believe.

The Q team created a special exterior finish that involves taking layers of carbon fiber that are interwoven to create a smooth finish. If you were wondering to what extent Q will go to deliver a bespoke vehicle, this finish required Aston to add a whole new component to its manufacturing. 

The carbon fiber is then wrapped in a satin Jet Black paint and also features a diamond-quilted leather interior, Aston Martin badging crafted from machined carbon, and gloss black trim throughout. 

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