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Aston Martin and Zagato fully reveal the Vanquish Shooting Brake

One of Zagato's most stunning works yet.
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Aston Martin Zagato Shooting Brake

There was a lot to be excited about when Aston Martin and Zagato announced their latest partnership with their custom Vanquish Coupe. That line then grew into the Volante, Speedster, and the most exciting of all, the Shooting Brake. The two companies have kept the car mostly under wraps, but now they've given the world a better look at quit possibly Zagato's finest work to date. A 580 hp V12 will certainly make it one of the most powerful hatches out there, but none of those will be able to rival the sheer beauty of those lines. 

The Aston Martin Zagato Vanquish Shooting Brake will be limited to 99 examples and every single one has been sold.

Source: Autoblog

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