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Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro

The exclusive club of 24 Vulcan owners will have a lot to be excited about this year as Aston Martin's new AMR performance brand will be offering a new upgrade kit to increase downforce. This will be accomplished via a number of aerodynamic upgrades that include louvred panels on the the front wheel arches, dive planes on each side of the nose, and turning vanes have been added to the underside of the front splitter to improve steering response. 

The rear of the Vulcan gets an all-new rear wing with a dual plane design and a 20mm ‘Gurney’ flap. This all works together for a massive increase in downforce and a better aerodynamic balance for even more traction and grip. The first upgrades are already well underway and Aston Martin is set to have those cars finished by the fall.

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