Aston Martin Victor

Q by Aston Martin has demonstrated its ability to customize their existing lineup of cars but this time around the division is showing off what they can do with a fully bespoke creation. The Victor is a one-off inspired by the Vantage models of the 70s and 80s, wrapped in the current Aston Martin design language and built on the same technologies found in their Vulcan and One-77 hypercars. The Victor is powered by a Cosworth-upgraded 7.3L V12 that produces 836 hp and 606 lb-ft of torque. 

The engine is also coupled to a six-speed Graziano manual gearbox, making this the most powerful Aston to use a manual transmission. It also features a motorsport clutch and two independent oil coolers to accompany those immense power figures, and it uses the same pushrod suspension as the Vulcan. Other details include adjustable dampers, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, center-lock alloy wheels, and a Bridge of Weir leather interior with exposed carbon fiber trim.

Source: EVO

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