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Aston Martin Cambridge pays tribute to the Spitfire with a special V12 Vantage

What better tribute to a fighter plane than a V12-powered super coupe.
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Aston Martin Spitfire 80 Vantage V12

Photo: Aston Martin

Aston Martin Cambridge is celebrating one of the pinnacles of British aviation engineering with a special V12 Vantage. The Spitfire 80 edition colors the car in a "Duxford Green" paint, which is named after the RAF Base that was home to the first Spitfire squadron. 

The dealer also teamed up with the Duxford Aircraft Restoration Company who came through with a number of custom hand-built components while Aston Martin's Q customization studio embroidered special edition logos on the dash and headrests. Only eight examples will be built and a percentage of the proceeds from each sale will goto the RAF Benevolent Fund.

£180,000 ($241,000),

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