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Aston Martin unveils the near-production build of the Valkyrie Hypercar

The hypercar gets closer to reality.
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Aston Martin Valkyrie Doors Open

Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies have been busy tweaking and tuning their much-anticipated hypercar, the Valkyrie. The company has offered up a better look at what is said to be the near-production model and as you can see, it is every bit as insane as the concept that was previewed last summer. The car is essentially a multi-million dollar, drivable missile that Aston Martin claims will do a lap faster than a Formula One car. 

The gullwing doors reveal a spartan, two-seat interior that will have its passengers in a 'feet-up' position similar to how a driver is positioned in an F1 or Le Mans Prototype race car. All the info from the car is relayed to a series of displays and the removable steering wheel surrounds the main display, which will have all the Valkyrie's dashboard data. You'll also notice that the car has no side mirrors, both of which have been replaced by cameras that feed video into two dedicated displays.

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