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Aston Martin ventures to Scotland to debut a new limited edition of their DBX luxury SUV with a collaboration for Bowmore. Created by Q by Aston Martin, the special edition is finished in Bowmore Blue or Xenon Grey and features Bowmore-branded copper inlays that use actual copper from original whisky stills. On the inside, buyers can spec the car with an Obsidian Monotone or Copper Tan Metallic/Obsidian Duotone interior, both of which are available with Bowmore Tweed accents. 

The copper elements are also brought into the interior with polished copper cupholders, sill plaques, and hand-laid copper foil detailing has been added to the gloss black center console. In addition to the car, each customer will be invited to an Aston Martin Art of Living experience in Scotland, where they will pick up their DBX and enjoy a 170 mile trip through the Scottish countryside. This will be part of a three-night stay, which will also include a tour of the distillery, an opportunity to hand-fill their own bottle of 39-year old whisky, and exclusive access to Bowmore's No 1 Vaults. 

Deliveries are set for the end of 2021.

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