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Aston Martin creates Assured Provenance program for its vintage cars

Aston Martin issues an official seal of approval for some of the finest vintage British automobiles out there.
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Photo: Aston Martin

Photo: Aston Martin

Whether you've got an impeccable AMV8 or 007's classic DB5, you can now get an "Assured Provenance certification" straight from Aston Martin itself, an ideal solution for Aston enthusiasts and car collectors alike. It is the first in-house program of its kind at Aston Martin and each car gets put through a comprehensive process:

"As part of the painstaking procedure of examination and authentication, all cars submitted to the process will undergo a digital scan which will be verified and held in a secure archive for future reference.

Every car will be assessed at Aston Martin’s internationally renowned heritage restoration, service and repair facility – Aston Martin Works at Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire – where they will undergo a thorough visual and mechanical investigation. These details, along with a full provenance record, will then be presented to the newly created Sanctioning Committee for its deliberations.

Successful cars will then be awarded one of four levels of Assured Provenance ranging from Platinum to Bronze depending on their condition, history and significance.

The Sanctioning Committee evaluating each car and delivering its verdict comprises renowned experts from Aston Martin including Aston Martin Works’ staff.

Owners of successful cars in the Assured Provenance process will be supplied with a hand-crafted presentation case comprising a richly illustrated photographic record book, all-important Heritage Assured Provenance certificate, USB with digital data and two sets of dashboard and sill plaques.

The official verification and authentication certification scheme involves a two-stage fee: one to initially enter the car for consideration and a further fee should the car be successful."

Aston Martin Works

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