APEX: The Story of the Hypercar


The creators of /DRIVE have entertained us with endless incredible visuals of automotive art rocketing around corners at mach speed, now they're getting behind the lens for a full-length film on the most powerful cars on the planet with APEX: The Story of the Hypercar:

"An original film by the creators of /DRIVE. Full film coming in 2015. See the 30 minute preview at the Jalopnik Film Festival in November 2014!

In the last decade, humanity has entered into a new era of engineering achievement: the dawn of the hypercar. These exotic machines represent the extremes of the human condition: our urge to surpass, our will to innovate, our love of speed. But besides are a driving force behind modern advancements in performance, aesthetics, and energy independence, not only in the automotive sector, but for society at large.

Despite their obvious appeal hypercars are, by definition, so rare, so exotic, and so unobtainable for most that their true nature is widely misunderstood. This film follows their story, observing the development of a technology market that has more influence on our every day lives than we realize.

he automotive industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift as we move closer towards the balance of performance and energy conservation, with the top tier manufacturers presenting radically different solutions to this challenge.

But no matter who is first to find this perfect ratio, all of humanity will reap the benefits."


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